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Team Wholesale offers an enormous selection of premium vinyl siding, trim, tools and accessories plus windows and gutter.  Better yet, they also offer punctual, hand-stacked delivery to job-sites, in as little as one day. All at a very reasonable price. Better yet, Team Wholesale doesn't offer extra charges for that delivery, or the one after that, or for changes, or even returns. No extra charge for estimates (on-site or off-print) or color consultation. No minimum orders and lame excuses, or any of the old run-around.

From Team Wholesale's cheerful showroom in Hudsonville, to the knowledgeable sales team in the field, to your reliably punctual driver stacking your delivery, this is the ideal resource for the best brands in the home-building business. Vytec, Mitten, RMC, Foundry, Nailite, and even Quality Aluminum.

Now  You Can get Siding Estimates 24/7

Calculate your next siding job in minutes—anytime, anywhere--with Team Wholesale's new online job estimator! ( )  Loaded with product from Certainteed’s Vytec, RMC, Mitten, the Foundry and Exteria, it lets you pick the brand, style and color; add trim, soffit and fascia--even nails. In seconds, you'll have a unit cost, quantity cost, and total job cost. One more click sends the estimate to your in-box. This adds  hi-tech convenience to Team Wholesale's winning line up of free delivery, hand-stacked orders and of course, great products. 

Green is Good

Siding manufacturers are now doing everything they can to produce a greener vinyl siding product-- something both common sense and the marketplace are demanding—and one of the most important parts of that goal is, keeping vinyl siding waste out of the landfill. Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is is pretty straightforward to recycle-- you simply grind it up, re-melt, and extrude it into a new product.  The trick is getting it to the grinder—and that's where you come in.  Just in case you didn't already know, Team Wholesale has a container for recycling your waste vinyl siding. So now that you've cleaned up the job-site, and your truck is full of scrap, what're you going to do next? (Correct answer: haul it back to Team Wholesale and pitch it where it will actually do some good!)




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Reds, yellows, blues, greens, six shades of grey, nine of brown, plus white and a creamy sort of beige—the range of Team Wholesale's colors outdo the rainbow. Every one of them beautiful in its own way, and every one finds a home.

The pictures below are the some of the most recent West Michigan homes to wear those colors. To see the complete gallery, visit 



























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